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Hey what’s up guys!

It seems like everyone is an expert when it comes to fitness nowadays, for example; youtube, google, your besty, that instagram/facebook success story etc etc.

It’s great that there are so many resources available to you..but it’s also a CURSE! Why? because EVERYBODY is different, no two people are the same!!!

We all have different body types, exercise/sporting backgrounds, coordination, nutritional needs, mobility/flexibility, goals etc. What works for others can easily lead to injury, muscle imbalance and joint pain for someone else. Copying someone else is far from being the optimal way for you to get results you hope for 👌.

At Gladiator Strength & Fitness we provide customised workouts, nutrition and programs tailored to each member along with the very best online and in-person support in our fully equipped indoor bootcamp fitness centre to ensure maximum improvement with minimal risk.

So stop wasting your time (and money) chasing the latest fitness “craze” or well intentioned, but often misleading advice and let me and my trainers help you reach your goals sooner, safer and ultimately cheaper!

For a free 3 day trial, simply fill out this form (so we know where to email your voucher to). Check the email account you used (including your spam/junk folder). Print the voucher and present it to the Redcliffe PCYC front counter on your first visit. Here is a link to our Bootcamp functional fitness timetable.

💥Free 3 Day Trial Voucher💥

Your free 3 day voucher (14 day expiry) allows you to attend any of our 20+ bootcamp sessions and access to the Redcliffe PCYC’s modern fully equipped fitness centre.

Our approach to exercise is designed to ramp up the metabolism both during AND after exercise (therefore burning lots of calories!), build lean toned muscle while digging into fat stores for fuel (thus reducing body fat) within a positive and supportive environment ensuring the best possible health & fitness improvements 👊👊.


We have a range of affordable membership options that all include:

☑ Unlimited access to 20+ boot camp functional fitness sessions customised for all fitness levels, ages and body types.

☑ Unlimited access to the Redcliffe PCYC modern fully equipped air-conditioned fitness centre.

☑ Free gym programs taking the guess work (and risk) out of working out!

☑ Free easy to follow meal plans and 42 page recipe book containing lots of simple, affordable and nutritious recipes designed to energise the body and mind while helping reduce body fat!

☑ Online and in person support to help you every step of the way and provide the accountability to keep you on track.

☑ Free monthly medical grade segmented body composition scan with optional before/after photos.

Ready for a body transformation? Check out our 6 WEEK CHALLENGE – Achieve YOUR goal and get if for FREE!

Our Facilities Include:

Shower facilitiesToilets and Showers
Kids Corner
 Purpose Built Facility

💥Free 3 Day Trial Voucher💥

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