Personal Training


Sessions are a combination of interval based cardio and strength training which has been proven to provide the optimal conditions for a very high calorie burn, a boosted resting metabolism and greatly improved strength and muscle tone.

Sessions have scaled options for all fitness levels.

Each session will create the necessary environment to improved strength, body composition & fitness.

You will experience a rush of endorphins (happy brain chemistry!) helping you stay motivated.

Every session is designed to ensure a balanced workout with ever changing routines to keep your body constantly transforming. 

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In response to the Coronavirus pandemic we are implementing a new timetable from Monday 30 March 2020.

  • Many of the sessions will be run outdoors (weather permitting) providing greater social distancing options between participants and less chance of any contagious condition being transmitted.
  • All classes are 30 min in duration and extra classes have been added (from 22 to 33) to reduce numbers per class, provide more options for attendance, and take advantage of the daylight hours.
  • Class numbers have been capped to make sure we are well under the current recommended persons per square meter requirements.
  • Essentially we will be treating all participants as so they all have the Coronavirus and we will enforce space and hygiene protocols as if that were the case.
  • If classes cannot not be run outdoors due to the weather, we will when possible move the session indoors but the indoor cap on numbers will then apply.
  • All participants will be required to book in via our PT minder app, which will enforce class size limits.

** denotes session is scheduled to be run outdoors


9.30am ▶ ABS & ASS**
4.00pm ▶ ABS & ASS**
4.30pm ▶ ABS & ASS**
5.00pm ▶ ABS & ASS**
5.30pm ▶ ABS & ASS**
6.30pm ▶ X-FIT


5.30am ▶ BODY BLITZ (upper focus)
9.30am ▶ BODY BLITZ (upper focus)
4.00pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (upper focus)**
4.30pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (upper focus)**
5.00pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (upper focus)**
5.30pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (upper focus)**
6.30pm ▶ CARDIO & CORE**


5.30am ▶ FIGHT FIT
9.30am ▶ FIGHT FIT
4.00pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
4.30pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
5.00pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
5.30pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
6.30pm ▶ HOT & HEAVY


5.30am ▶ BODY BLITZ (lower focus)
9.30am ▶ BODY BLITZ (lower focus)
4.00pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (lower focus)**
4.30pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (lower focus)**
5.00pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (lower focus)**
5.30pm ▶ BODY BLITZ (lower focus)**
6.30pm ▶ X-FIT


4.00pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
4.30pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
5.00pm ▶ FIGHT FIT
5.30pm ▶ FIGHT FIT


7.30am ▶ TOTAL BODY
8.00am ▶ TOTAL BODY


Time to give some extra special attention to your core and butt to not only help you look great in a pair of jeans, but also for increased speed & power.

BODY BLITZ (upper or lower focus)
Whole body with an upper or lower body focus incorporating major muscle groups will not only make you functionally stronger but will also ensure a high calorie burn.

There is no denying the benefits of running drills for fitness, weight management or to prepare for your next fun run challenge. This session will get you run fit while also ensuring the all important core gets a good workout to even further improve your running ability.

Yep, all muscles groups get a working over in this session, no muscle gets left behind!

Box, kick and ground-n-pound away all the days frustrations (and a heap of calories!) with this unique high intensity boxing and mixed martial arts blended non-contact conditioning HIIT session. Scaled and suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. All equipment provided.

Cross training is a great way to add some variety to your workout while also allowing you to test yourself with our CrossFit inspired routines.

Learn how to lift heavy with a range of fundamental compound lifts that will significantly improve your strength, body composition and functional capacity.


  1. Build lean athletic toned muscle through the combination of strength and high intensity interval based metabolic circuits and exercises.
  2. Improve body composition levels by increasing the amount of lean muscle while burning the maximum amount of body fat.
  3. Improve cardiovascular fitness levels providing improved heart, lung and circulatory system function.
  4. Increased Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) so your body continues to expend more energy (calories) at rest.
  5. Enhance the benefit of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Research shows that metabolic conditioning style training causes a longer period of EPOC than steady state aerobic training and burns much more fat.
  6. Reduce or reverse declining levels of muscle mass and bone density that occurs at 10% per decade over the age of 30.
  7. Provide better support to joints with improved muscularity thus reducing risk of injury/re-injury.
  8. Improved energy and mood levels.
  9. Reduced stress levels.
  10. Lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke.


Tom Lahey

“Awesome people to work out with, so supportive. Coaches scale the workouts to be as hard or easy as YOU want to work. I have lost 30kg with the guidance and support of the amazing coaches. Session times suitable for everyone!! Morning and night”.

Tanya Bunyard

“Great place to exercise and get fit with a welcoming group and excellent coaches. Great prices too! I love it”.

Shimyse Jo Kemp

“Gladiator Fitness has been such an amazing and positive experience, helping me to achieve the best possible version of myself. Even though my fitness journey has been somewhat sporadic most of my life, once I started showing up to my first bootcamp classes, I was hooked. Both Jordan and Chris put in so much time and effort and dedication to assist everyone no matter their level of fitness. I love it here !!!”

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