6 Week Challenge



Hey Redcliffe! It’s Coach Chris here and I would like to try something a bit crazy to help promote and grow my fitness boot camp business AND really make a difference to your health and fitness (win/win!).

I am giving 40 locals who are looking to transform their bodies (and lives!) the chance to do my 6 Week Challenge for FREE!

Are you ready to:

▶ Reduce your BODY FAT
▶ Increase your MUSCLE TONE
▶ Improve your functional STRENGTH
▶ Get FIT

and most importantly, start FEELING GREAT with heaps more ENERGY!

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☑ Unlimited group fitness boot camp morning and evening sessions scaled for all fitness levels.
☑ Unlimited access to our modern fully equipped air-conditioned fitness centre.
☑ Free gym program taking the guess work (and risk) out of your workout.
☑ Easy to follow great tasting step-by-step meal plan designed to fill you with energy and transform your body!
☑ Customised grocery list that will save you time and money.
☑ Online and in person support to help you every step of the way and provide the accountability to keep you on track.
☑ Regular medical grade body composition scan and before/after photos to keep you on track and encouraged by your progress!

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and have a genuine passion to help others achieve outstanding health and fitness results. Over the years I have taken every opportunity to develop the very best skills and resources necessary to make getting the body you have always wanted as easy and rewarding as possible!

Here are a few key principles that our challenge is based on to ensure you get the best possible result:

Principle 1: FITNESS 🏋️‍♀️🤼🏃
You need to be following a workout plan that turns your body into a fat burning furnace while building lean and toned muscles that will keep you fit and full of energy and looking great!

Principle 2: NUTRITION 🥗🍠🥝
With my easy to follow meal plan and grocery list you are going to find it a breeze to fuel your body and mind to be the best version of you!

Principle 3: SUPPORT 👊👌👍
You will be constantly surrounded by experienced trainers guiding you every step of the way and an awesome group of people that will support, encourage and inspire you throughout your journey.

I know how hard my team and I are going to work with you to make sure you have every opportunity to smash your goals out of the park and I believe you will find it such a rewarding experience that you will join the many others who have chosen to stay on afterwards and become members. Consider yourself warned!!!

I see this as a win-win offer, you get the opportunity to transform your body and I get the chance to gain new clients and grow my boot camp business!

Now this isn’t for everybody, so please don’t apply if:

▶ You hate fun
▶ You love excuses
▶ You don’t play nice with others
▶ You are not motivated to change your body and life (for real).

For the rest of you still reading this, you are the people I want!

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Still not convinced?

Here is what some of our members say about our 6 week challenge boot camp..

6 week challenge “Once I started the 6 week challenge I attended sessions regularly and adhered (most of the time!) to the meal plan, with the aim of becoming healthy.
I went and saw my doctor today and here are some hard facts.Blood pressure down from 142/91 to 124/76!
Resting heart rate down from 74 to 62
Cholesterol dropped by 1mmol/L
12 kg weight loss!!!See it works! It sure beats blood pressure and cholesterol tablets!!! All of this with a good bunch of people”.
– Frank Gresch, Scarborough
6 week challenge “I imagined boot camp as a screaming instructor blowing a whistle in my face whilst I tried to run up a steep incline. THIS IS NOT THAT! Chris and Jordan are so encouraging, supportive and creative – and that ripples through the whole group as everyone cheers each other on! No two workouts are the same, you work hard but to your own capacity, and the atmosphere is relaxed rather than competitive. We are a ‘mature-age’ couple getting fit after a lapse, and we are loving every minute of it… oh, and be prepared to sweat!
– Kylie Heenan, Redcliffe
6 week challenge Julian “Without Chris, Aaron and Jordan at Gladiator Fitness I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish many of the things I now love and enjoy like Spartan and Tough Mudder obstacle course races. I am fitter in my 40’s than I have ever been! Great advice and training that pushes each individual to achieve their best possible results. Definitely the best boot camp functional fitness company in north Brisbane, can’t wait to see what the future holds!”
– Julian K, Deception Bay
6 Week Challenge - Erin “Best place to work out in Moreton Bay! Gladiator fitness has amazing coaches, the challenges are always exciting and fun, and the people are wonderful and so friendly. My fitness has hugely improved since I started attending – would 100% recommend to anyone looking for fun and a challenge!!!!”
– Erin S, Deception Bay

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